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Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

Indeed, all is well. I am glad to have a planner again, because I know what is going on. I had previously lost my planner (of course) and never did find it. It was rather unfortunate. Everything is looking up and I am feeling spiritually uplifted. I'll get to that later to address my week and to address what is going on back at home.

This week we have two investigators continually progressing towards baptism. One in fact, just yesterday, had his baptismal interview
(questions regarding faith, repentance, Jesus Christ as Savior, the Restoration of Authority) and he had passed. This was the mormon.org referral that my companion and I had received. His baptism will be next Sunday, which will be his third time going to church as well. He had wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. The other man (the charitable man) is going to be baptized on the 21st, though we have barely taught him. Whenever we do teach him, it ends up as he is telling all these different stories about how he is helping the homeless and many other funny stories. The member who found him are dating, but it looks as though they might end things. Even if it does, he still wants to be baptized. Other than that, my week has been an interesting one. Some investigators did cancel on us for this week, but we are trying again this week. We did some bits of service, though one appointment of service did not exactly turn into service. You see, our new place used to have good cell phone reception and now we have no reception, wherein we cannot receive or send text messages and phone calls. The people had canceled on us, but we did not know until we got there. So, the people fed us lunch and the son, who is a senior in high school, was talking to us. My companion ended up teaching trigonometry to one of the daughters, but I could not help. I was doing nothing until I realized our car tires' needed to be pumped. I learned to do that, but still I was doing nothing. The son ended up showing his sword collection (actual swords with metal and such) and then we ended slicing fruit with one of the swords. If anything, I was fellowshipping the son. (Most of the family are recent converts since February, including the son.) That day was pretty much interesting and a lot of work did get done. Also, this week I was able to talk to a member who is a sheriff. He does not think that anything interesting happens on his job, but I find it fascinating. I told him what I wanted to do and then he talked about his brother who is a psychology professor at BYU. I also talked to this member who has so many mission stories that are amazing and he has a deep relationship with God, but, unfortunately, he has not been coming to church due to work. I was able to talk to him for a quite long time and he gave me advice as to what I should do when I do become a forensic psychologist.
I am glad to hear how Sawyer (his 1 yr. old nephew) is doing. It sounds like he is doing great and that he had a fun time. I am glad to hear that Coda (an older female Boxer dog who Sawyer rolled on, stepped on, dove on, etc.) took it pretty well in seeing that she was the stepping stone and the pillow. Coda is just all big and fluffy. Sawyer seems to be quite adventurous and curious. I am happy to hear about Carly and that she is being taken care of. I do miss her (as I do miss my family). It is good to hear that Trevor is back. A mission is such a blessing in so many ways. One way is that I do not have to be involved in politics; it is sad to hear what dealings are going on with Lemoore. But, I am glad to get away from the politics and just focus on the Lord and the mission of which I have been called. I believe Mom's hair looks great. (His mother has a beautiful short haircut that his dad just raves about.)And that is such an amazing story that you shared(His Dad shared a story of a distraught female member of the church who wanted a blessing a few years ago. His father holding the priesthood gave her a blessing which she later confirmed came true as spoken by the Holy Ghost.). Truly, the Lord will fulfill his words whether He speaks it or it comes from the mouths of his servants. Thank you for sharing that; it really helped put a nice touch to my spiritual high.

This weekend was stake conference
(a stake conference is when several congregations in a geographical area meet to hear from leaders over that area. This happens once a year.) and we had Elder Homer and Elder Holstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy come and speak. Two topics that were repeated were personal conversion and missionary work. It is so important to be personally converted unto the Lord and not to the Church. It does sound weird to say, but it is true. Our devotion is to Christ and the Church helps provide the way wherein we know how to follow Christ and direct our paths to His way and not man's way. I do hope that makes sense. In that way, I have been reflecting on how converted am I and I do feel personally converted unto Christ. In fact, I am at the point where I feel it is important for me to dedicate my life to the Lord. I do know that there will be sacrifices made and that there will be trials in my way, but it will never be easy, only worth it. I know that at the end of my two years, this focus will have to be balanced with the worldly cares (school, job, etc.). It may take time, but I know now this is the time to first seek the kingdom of God and everything else will be provided. With missionary work, members should give the missionary's referrals even if you know the people will say no. Why? Because they might actually say yes. It may seem odd, but there are people out there ready for the truth and we just do not know it. The Lord knows and we have to go seek them out for we know not who they are.

This week has been great. All is well.


Elder S. Todd

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not marks of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.  They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and unspeakable love..-Robert Frost

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