The Face of Gratitude

We had Café Rio on Sunday. (That one Mexican restaurant where Bria hit the bicyclist. Or rather, the bicyclist hit Bria.) Now, I must explain. So, I guess Café Rio had a $1 Burrito Day to which a lot of members had gone. One of them was the Elders Quorum president, to which he came bragging about it to us missionaries. We, (a) being on bike and (b) Café Rio being out of our mission, could not go. The other missionary companions and my companion were like, "Ah man, why didn't you hook us up?" Well, a family, the Christensens, had signed up for dinner that night and they went to Café Rio the night before. They had gotten these burritos for us to feed us. Thus, this picture was taken to send to the Elders Quorum president to say, "This is how you hook the missionaries up."