To Serve God Is To Serve Others

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

I am glad to hear about my dog. She was skinny that last I saw her. Then again, when is she not skinny? 

This week has been off. It has been odd. 

Tuesday was P-Day. We helped somebody that day after we had taken care of our other matters. I helped stack wood while my companion helped cut wood. We did that until it rained and dinner was ready. That person fed us; they are wonderful members. 

Wednesday, we helped this potential investigator with her yard. It has hot outside, which caused a mild headache. She fed us dinner and then we had to pick up another dinner. (Somebody had signed up and we were lucky that it is a pick up meal.) Zone leaders from another zone came by our area to help us go tract. I went one way and my companion went another. I had found a girl who is 12 and has read the entire Bible. It was crazy, so we gave her a Book of Mormon. By 8:00, a storm had reached our area. Dust was cast in my eyes and I was sneezing. End of tracting. My eyes were burning, my headache increased, and it was hard to function. So, we went to the apartment (the zone leader and I) and I broke in. I took care of my allergies and headache and went out again. So, as stupid as it was, we were tracting out in the rain without jackets. It was down pouring, lots of lightning that illuminated where we were. It was awesome and beautiful. We found some potential people.

Thursday, we had an excellent lesson with our special investigator. We had a member that told her about Welfare Square and the Bishop's Storehouse (a Bishop's Storehouse is usually a warehouse full of food and other goods which can be obtained by meeting with the pastor and his female counterpart called a Relief Society president of a congregation. They help go over the needs of a member who can go to the storehouse to obtain needed items.) over in Chesterfield. She marveled at that. Our special investigator is going through some rough moments in her life, but the Spirit was able to give her comfort while we were there. She did not go to church this week. Our special investigator was really happy that we were there. 

In addition to visiting this wonderful person, we had a wonderful dinner with this member couple and another member. The other member was a psychologist and is a wonderful man. We talked a bit and I told him what field I would like to get into. Well, Virginia is a bit slow at recognizing my field as a specialty; perhaps some day. And this man knows French. So, guess what? He read Victor Hugo's book, Les Miserables, in French. My face lit up, because I found another person like me who has read Les Miserables and likes it. And the wife of the couple asked me, "You like Les Miserables? Not as much as me."

Friday, we had a meeting. Not much else happened that day, but I did receive good news that day. 

Saturday, I have no clue what occurred that day. Must not be that important. 

Sunday, it was good. We had wonderful church meetings.  Now, I am more focused on other people. Such as another person who frequently comes, but is evidently apostatizing. As I have focused on that person and his needs, I am ready to face him again and help stem his issues. 

Today, Monday, June 2, we had another lesson with our special investigator, hence why I am writing so late. She told us that she wanted to come to church and told us she felt after we had left the previous time that she needed to go to church. She is so wonderful. And her yard needs help, so rather than have us do it, we are involving the whole ward (congregation) to help cut her lawn. And we asked on Sunday and they are totally willing to go out and help. And that is going to occur on Saturday this week.

So, it was a good week. As odd as it was. The Lord will take care of things. I am sure of it. I love you.

All is well.


Elder S. Todd