2015: Visiting the Sick, the Elderly, Single Parents, and the Machines

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

I am going to send off two packages this week, one of them containing an important letter to you. I pray that you will understand what I am trying to state in that letter.

Thank you for being willing to purge my Facebook and for the encouragement for exercising. Thank you for your awesome help as parents.

Monday, we did our normal P-day activities. We tried seeing a few people with little success. 

Tuesday, rolled around. We had a bit of a late start. My companion was not feeling well and I needed him to rest. He rested and then we went off to visit people. We tried to see some people who we have not seen in a while. Unfortunately, they were not home.


Though, we were able to contact the elderly man and his grandson who are interested while the man's wife is not (the wife who is a Christian, saying that man cannot see God). It was bad timing. One of their sons arrived. I was able to talk to the son. He has much potential. He is curious. We had to do a quick little message. The wife was kind to us. When we starting to leave, the son asked for a Book of Mormon. Bad timing. His grandmother, the wife of the elderly man, said, "Oh no, that is alright." It was awkward and I yearned to give the Book of Mormon. Yet, I understand that if I had given it to him at that time, it would have gone awry and it would not have been done under the right spirit. When she said that, I was quite upset.

We were able to have a lesson with our investigator who is on date. We were able to teach him the first part of the commandments. He showed fair understanding and was ready to live them. We pushed his date back, which is going to be pushed even further. He has medical problems and was recently admitted to the hospital. We sent missionaries to him, which he really appreciated. 

Wednesday, we checked up on an elderly member, who is a sweet elderly lady and has been having health problems of late. It was good to check up on her, to see how she is doing. Her health problems are recent and she has not been coming to church due to them. She is doing alright, able to get around somewhat. Again, we tried more people. We had a meeting that night to discuss what goals and plans we are making for the ward mission plan. We discussed what we wanted to accomplish and the activities that will help us. After that, we headed inside and did little.

I set the phone for 11:55 pm, so we could celebrate the New Year.

Thursday, we planned. We tried to see people and succeeded in some aspects. We saw another elderly woman, who loves our visits.

(C) Intellectual Reserve Washington, D.C. Temple

Friday, we had zone meeting. They want us to invite less actives and recent converts to the temple. It is now going to be recorded as temple invites. One thing I realized is that I tend to focus on the one. One individual at a time. I realize that it is okay to have differences in the gospel in the sense of how people minister, go about things, etc. I always think of Jude who at the end of his epistle talked about how "some have compassion, making a difference" and "others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

From there, we had tour of a metal shop from a member in the branch. It was for the husband of the senior couple who help us in Tappahannock. He knew what was what. It was a stressful tour. My companion, heavily curious, wanted to try a lot of the machines, machines one should not mess with. I had to keep on calling him. He would pick up things. But, we have a nice trade-off. I tend to be his voice of reason and memory while he tends to be my mouthpiece (though at times I can probably handle it). There is a member who tends to talk a lot and very loudly where I cannot handle it due to a sudden headache. When she calls, I call for my companion.

Saturday, we had our usual lesson with the single mother investigator. We talked about being in the world, but not of the world. The kids were doing odd, crazy, loud activities. It honestly was hard to focus. It was an okay lesson. However, we noticed that in the prospect of changing denominations, she feels vulnerable and she obviously wants to do this full kindheartedly, without hypocrisy. It some ways, I do wonder if I am pushing and she is pulling back. Some comments she made seemed to hint at that. However, I see that we are only being bold, inviting her to act. If there is any indication from her children, it is time for her to decide. (Funny note. Her daughter stated several times that she was a Catholic, but later said, "I'm Catholic Christian Mormon.") Again, it is time for her to pray to know the truth. 

Sunday, we had two lessons about family responsibilities and responsibilities of a father. I learned a lot.

Alles wohl!


Elder S. Todd

P.S. I have a lot to think about. As I made this year, I realized how split this year is. I have six months of certainty. Then, I have six months of uncertainty. I do not like uncertainty. What I am trying to do is make a smooth transition, or at least a transition that is smooth as possible. I do not want to be hindered by my dark past and I do not want to be paralyzed by my future. Yet in some ways, it seems that I am paralyzed. I need feedback and help, so that I can focus more on the mission. I have found my identity on the mission, one that I had always had sought for in the past. I am looking for a new year to begin my actions based on that identity. Changes are coming to pass. Mistakes may be made, but I will pick myself up and go forward.
(c) 2015 Intellectual Reserve, 

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