Serving the Lord Means Serving Others As He Would Do

October 29, 2013

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

People can definitely change. This work does need the help of the members. I have the notion in my head that the members need to refer people and the missionaries are to follow up and also do less-active and inactive work. Whether it is true or not, members do have a job of being an example and helping the missionary work. It is not about, "There are the missionaries and here are the members." This work definitely needs to be a united effort. I am glad that you are putting a lot of effort in making sure that missionary work is being pushed along. That is good to hear and I am sure the missionaries appreciate your efforts for doing so. It is good to hear about baptisms that are going on, not because of numbers, but due to the fact of what the gospel brings: happiness. 

I did get the socks. I also got the package, which both my companion and I enjoyed. Thank you so much for that. I do need Flonase, but my allergies do not really bother me as much, unless of course there is dust. But sneezing due to dust is not allergies, it is your nose just trying to expell forcefully the dust. 

I do plan on sending the memory card from my camera soon, so I will let you know when that is taking place. 

I wanted to apologize for my last email and music. I have probably annoyed you two about music. The problem with music is that I am highly attracted to music due to creativity as I have realized. I do recommend that you listen to Alex Boye. Look on the internet, particularly YouTube, for him and Israel, Israel, God is Calling or Reflections of Christ. Somebody out there is bound to have that or the full CD on the internet. Also, look up Lindsey Stirling, who is a Mormon, especially her music video, Shadows, which I believe, you, Dad, will like. Enough about that.

So, this week has been the most interesting week.  Nice two quotes you gave, because they both seem to fit my situation.

Sorry to get to you so late. On Sunday night, my companion and I had a prompting to go see this inactive part-member family. We did so and we ended up doing service most of our P-day. It was definitely worth it. We are now going back to do more service. I have been doing a lot of service these past days. Yeah, for leaves and the season of autumn! I know I will be doing a lot more service for others with the change of seasons. All the more tasks I get to learn besides mowing a lawn. I am grateful also for my companion who allows me to do certain tasks instead letting me get the easy way out. I am learning a lot, besides the spiritual learning that is taking place.

Investigators are doing fine for the most part. One couple are praying for date for baptism. Hopefully, they will also find out a marriage is necessary as well, but that is something that will eventually be brought to their attention. Another family feels like we are too pushy, so we are letting them simmer (the ones that the bishop was willing to help us out with). It is best to give them some room and they may eventually come to church. One step at a time. The mental health duplex sisters are doing quite well; we gave them to the sisters and they have a baptismal date. Soon, they will come to church. We also "stole" one of the sister's investigators; the person wanted to meet with us instead. It is really interesting situation. 

While the work may seem slow, the Lord is definitely taking charge. I feel directed in so many ways. I am directed in what ways I need to change as well as who to go see. There are a lot of things that I am really grateful for such as my companion. With everything going on, I feel motivated to keep on, even if my body feels a bit fatigued. My soul goes on. All is well. 

Have a wonderful week.


Elder S. Todd