Trusting the Lord

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

It is Columbus Day? Wow, I totally forgot! Then again, I spent four years in a high school that never took it off. And then, I did not think that the library might close here. So, it is okay, because obviously you are receiving word from me in this email with the library open. 

With the staff at the mental health duplexes, we have not been disturbed since that incident. We have been teaching without a problem. It is great, though I am just a bit wanting to avoid the staff. But, I am sure they know we are there (cameras). 

It sounds like Sean and kids are doing good. It sounds like Mom is really busy with missionary work and grandma work! Keep at it! And yes, you did tell me about the lady that is part of a part-member home. We do have Missionary Coordination Meeting, though hardly any ward missionaries come. I think we have few ward missionaries here. But with exchanges, we end up calling people that are voluntold (made up word from volunteer and told, it is sometimes a LDS mentality "tell me what you want done and I will do it.") to come on splits (The missionary pair splits up so each can work with a member of the same gender). It is up to us to contact those people. Plus, there are a few people home during the day that can come for day lessons. 

We will not get any electronic devices (tablets or notebooks) until next year. Only certain missions have received them. I am not riding a bike, so I am good in the car as long as my companion drives safely (I am no longer the designated driver!). And Bria is flying?(Yes) Isn't she afraid of flying? (Yes, she plans on taking a mild sedative) Well, I am quite glad to hear that she is taking an initiative to fly out. And I am so happy to hear about my dog! (His Boxer dog gets walked at least Mon. through Fri, On Thursday, his mother walks his dog five miles which the dog enjoys.)

Taking the lead (he is in charge until his companion gets used to his new area) is a bit nerve wracking, but I am fine. I can trust on the Lord to help me with this work. I really do feel that He has been directing me. First day with my new companion, we go see this recent convert who is slightly less active and we briefly talk to her. One of the kids' friends was there and he is about 19. We talked to him and the friend really opened up. We answered many questions that he had and he said that he was agnostic. He was so excited and he wants to meet back with us at the same house (because his parents would not be too approving). So, it is all good. I have been listening to the Spirit. 

My new companion is awesome. So, I no longer have Elder Meibos, but now, I have Elder Longman. I cannot help, but say this. He is a much better missionary than Meibos. I respect Meibos for training me, but Longman is taking a lot of initiative. As a district leader (a leader of a small group of missionaries in a geographical area usually 3-4 pairs.), Longman is trying to do the work even with bad cell phone reception while my previous companion did nothing. There are certain things that I see in Elder Longman that I like much more than Elder Meibos. We might get along a lot more than I did with Meibos. Elder Longman comes from Ogden, Utah. He is the oldest in his family and a genuine guy. He cares about the people he teaches. In fact, this past Saturday we attended two baptisms of people that he has taught. So, I went down to Manchester to see those baptisms. A commuter in the Manchester Ward took us down to and up back. It was great talking to the commuter, because he comes from Scotland and talked about the different accents in the different parts. He did not talk much about the culture, but it is all right; he did not seem that interested in the culture, anyhow.

A good portion of this week was booked, only because Meibos wanted to say goodbye to certain people. Thursday was planned around the transfers and a member dinner. Friday was booked with appointments and weekly planning. Saturday was going to Manchester, which took up time. Everything has been working out. With the engaged couple who were furloughed, the woman attended church and enjoyed it. I was seriously hoping the man would because he would be a lot more interested. They are hard to teach, because they are so quiet. Sometimes they will ask questions, but they are still quiet. The neighbors of a member, who my previous companion felt prompted to go see, are doing well. The husband is a bit skeptical, but the wife is a lot more interested. They did not go to church, but the bishop is willing to come with us one night to talk to the husband. I am so excited. The mental health people are doing well, though we need to get in contact with one of them soon. One can progress, but we are going to have to find rides to church for them.

This week kept me slightly busy, farewell-mix week. There is much to do and I will keep working hard. I am so glad I have a driven companion.

All is well! Thanks for all your support!


Elder S. Todd

P.S. Thanks for the quote. It is what I needed.

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