Give me Donuts and I'll Sing

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

I am glad to hear everything is going well. I am glad to hear that the work is moving along in Lemoore. It is definitely going to get colder here, though I suffice with my electric blanker. Plus, I sleep next to a portable heater. I did get the jacket during interviews and I like it. It is warm, especially how windy it has been lately. Apparently, we are supposed to get snow soon. I am excited! Who knows how long the snow will last, because it is still sunny here. Still, very cold. And I have been doing a lot of leaf removal. They still keep on falling.

I am glad to hear that you have received the images and the card is safe. I am happy about that. Now, you understand as to why I had to baptize him four times. He was bigger than I was. I try my best with the camera, sometimes I think it looks good, but you never know.

Interviews went well. Now, I have to explain something. So, the bag that I am using to carry my scriptures, I also use to carry around family history (pedigree charts, etc.), pamphlets, and an extra Book of Mormon. I prefer this, because I feel like a mobile library and prepared. So, the mission president looks at my bag and says, "Oh, you know by the next year we will be getting iPads and everything will be electronic. Plus, you might even now mention the fact to people that they can read the Book of Mormon on and even listen to it on their phones. Pretty soon, there will be little need for that bag." Of course, I roughly paraphrase his words. I thought about it, "I like my physical, hard copies." I understand the use of electronics and such and it is great. I will not give up on the physical, turn the pages scriptures. Especially with all the work, I have put in mine. But, I will definitely tell people that they can listen to the Book of Mormon and read online.  He told me to switch wrists with my watch from the right arm to the left. I told him my goals and he said that they were good goals. I told him at this current point I am working on faith and charity, which he said that I should work on the three: faith, hope, and charity. So, that is what I am working on faith (in self, in Christ), hope (with self), and charity (for others).

What an interesting week. So, Tuesday. That is the day of our district meetings. The sister missionaries that are in my ward come in with donuts and hand them to me. They did this before and it was quite nice. That is until they said, "Oh, by the way, that is payment." I am confused by this point, wondering what payment they are talking about. Then, one of them explained, "The bishop texted us, asking for my companion to sing during sacrament meeting. I figured that I would play the piano and I volunteered you and your companion to sing as well. By accepting the donuts, you have to do it." Needless to say, I sang with my companion and a sister missionary, yesterday in front of the ward. That was nerve wracking. I did practice and my companion and the sisters were teaching me how to sing bass. I sing bass, because when I sing, I sing low. So, I learned a little bit more about singing. It was confusing, because the bottom part of the sheet with the notes and such are the bass parts. So, you are singing without the tune. Luckily, we chose "Because I Have Been Given Much," so I could sing bass to the tune. Plus, I got the chance to start it off. I started the song that we sang in sacrament meeting. People commented on our performance and a few complimented my voice. One person told me, "I did not know that your voice could go that low."

I have been doing a lot of leaf removal. The sister missionaries helped us with this one house. Big yard with a lot of trees, which equals a lot of leaves. But, it was fun. There is still more work to do, because there are many leaves still on trees. 

My companion went on missionary exchanges for a day. He went at the best time, because on Friday, the missionary that was with me had to go to seminary. Me, I love the mornings. I woke up 5:00, got ready in fifteen minutes. If I was alone, I probably would have left by the time I got ready. This missionary does not believe in the mornings and even says that the day should not begin until noon. He did not move until 20 minutes after 5 and then took 20 minutes to get ready. And seminary starts at 5:50 in the morning. So, we were moderately early. I should have said seminary started at 5:30, but oh well. We went to seminary for, not only a free breakfast, but to bear our testimonies on the Book of Mormon. I loved it and I think I was extremely excited as I bore testimony.

Yesterday, it was interesting besides sacrament meeting. We contacted a referral and there were two people outside the house, who were not the referral. They smoked cannabis in front of us. They even offered. I got asked if I was a virgin. They tried to confound us, but they did not have luck. It was a quite interesting visit to say the least. Well, there is always a first for everything.

I also talked to a Jewish woman who is married to a Mormon and who is not searching and not wanting to convert. Even her daughter is leaning towards Judaism. So, I talked to her about her faith and religion. I also talked about the history of Israel with her and she mentioned the Talmud. I would love to read the Talmud and I understand there are volumes upon volumes. The reason why I would love to read it, is because of what the Bible Dictionary says. I also like to understand about my Judaeo-Christian heritage that I have.

I have done a lot of thinking, a lot of praying, a lot of learning. This Tuesday, Elder Sitati is coming to visit the mission and it will be great to hear from him. It will be great.

All is well.


Elder S. Todd

P.S. Transfers are November 21st. I will know on Sunday if I or my companion is moving. Tuesday, of that week I will know which place

Elder Seth Todd's first baptism. Elder Todd is the short guy in white. The man he baptized is the giant of a man in white on the right site. Baptism is done by complete immersion in the water and bringing the person out of the water.

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