Post Script: Wearing a Mask: A Lesson Learned

 Post Script: Wearing a Mask: A Lesson Learned

Tuesday, February 10, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

Well, I am not being transferred. The other two in this ward are, but that is that. I am honestly not at all concerned about what I am planning after my mission or what career. All of that stuff will be taken care of later. I can see how my studies relate to my career, honestly I do, but the focus I am trying to make is what the mission is doing. The focus is not on the studies, but the spiritual aspects that it brings out into the open. Rather than looking at the negative, I like to look at the spiritual. I have been trying to focus on the spiritual things that do go on as a child of my Heavenly Father. I will do my best to talk about the things that are going on....

More investigators are dropping us and it has been hard contacting others. One investigator is going through chemotherapy, so he has been sick at times. He has a great understanding of what we have taught him. The only difficulty is contacting him, which is hard. Other than that, we have knocked on doors; a lot of doors. 
We find a few more potentials, but it turns into a no show. We have some less actives we are working to help. One is, rather, reactivating himself. Another is going through a lot of hard times and it is hard for her to keep appointments. We are still working hard, helping to support my companion and the ward
I have been working hard and I know things will turn out for the better, just like the rain in California. Not much else is going on. Oh, and I fixed my bike. I just need to find out what oil it needs and order it. The gears are getting a bit dry.
I hope you have a good week.
All is well.
Elder S. Todd

P.S. I did some service this week. We were sitting in our room, because we had half an hour until lunch. As we were wondering what to do, the phone rang, thus giving us and the other two someone to help move. That was nice, right? Well, uh, the house had a lot of stuff and I mean in the sense of hoarding stuff. We had to wear masks and gloves. It was a bad, bad house. We helped move a piano, which fell apart on its way out the door. I had to take a shower after stepping inside that house. So, please do not forget to clean the house. And it is okay to throw things away. Lessons learned.