She Was Going to Do "What" to Me??????

Monday, April 7, 2014
Powhatan, Virginia
Virginia Richmond Mission

It has been a good week. (Keep reading.)

On Tuesday, we had dinner with some members, who surprised us. Thankfully, it was not anything we ate. Rather, they surprised us by inviting people, members and non-members, to come over and join with us. It was such a good time, listening to the people. I absolutely loved it, something that I would love to do in the future. I would also love to teach my children at a young age to say such things as "expulsion of malodorous effluvium" (do not know how to spell the last word, but it is a try). It was an excellent time. (No that wasn't the good part. Keep reading)

Wednesday, we went shopping at Wal-Mart. I have been buying granola bars for breakfast and I needed some. I went into the aisle and was met with this old black woman. It was an experience. One, she was quite loud (she hooted and hollered) and two, she babbled. She said she spoke in tongues and proceeded to babble. We explained about prophets and conference and helped her understand us. Our conversation ended and I went to politely shake her hand. She latched on like an octopus. She began to say something about Jesus and other things in her babble. My companion eventually pulled me away after about thirty seconds of this. I merely thought she was praying for me, not being selfish here, but for the mere fact that she was a religious person. As we walked away from this woman and aisle, I said, "Oh, we forgot to grab the granola." My companion simply replied, "We will turn around and get it when she is gone." I later was told that she was casting devils out of me. Well, okay, I guess I feel better now the devils are cast out of me. I asked my companion, "Does this happen often in Powhatan?" He told me, "Welcome to Powhatan."

All is well!


Elder S. Todd