Getting To Know People In a New Area

July 21, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

Another transfer is drawing to close. By next week, another transfer begins. This weekend we did receive calls. Yep, indeed, my companion, Elder Avison, is leaving. I do not think I even mentioned transfers in my last email, so I am glad you are keeping track. Who knows, maybe I will get my medicine tomorrow, but I really do not know. It looks like the work is moving forward in Lemoore. I am excited for that, because well, it is a thing to be excited for. And changes seem to be happening over there. It is sad to hear about Mrs. Rhoads, even if I had issues with her; she had good qualities. I am a bit surprised with Dr. Rosa, but life changes. I am also a bit glad that I am remembered over there.

This week was slow, but fast. It really has blurred together. Some good things have occurred. So, last week, I mentioned my watch. I went to Target and they told me that they no longer do any kind of watch work. They showed me different bands that I could select of which I then said no and left. I could have gone to a jewelry store and fixed it then, but I figured that cost a bit too much. I gave myself some time and found a way to fix it. I took a thumb tack and it pushed out the necessary pins and I did the necessary work. I was able to fix my own watch and now it is closer to my arm. It is not so loose anymore. The rest of our P-Day we played Monopoly and Clue. The evening of the Monday, we tried looking for less actives and found one that we could return to visit.

Tuesday, we decided to find some more less actives in Colonial Heights. Some people were not home. Finally, we knocked on this one person's door. She has been less active for a while due to transportation issues. Her son just turned eight and she feels that they (herself and her son) need the missionary lessons. Her son also wants to be baptized. I was quite happy that we found somebody and that we have somebody to work with. We worked on the details for the baptism and got mostly everything established. There were two people who would be shaky on whether or not they would make it. I made plans to ensure that those two had back ups just in case. One of them was the talk on baptism and volunteered my companion as backup. It took me a while to get to sleep that night, because I had been coughing. As much as I am not feeling sick, I have a deep cough. Other than that, I am healthy. 

Wednesday, we made the program and it was good. We went to the church to make copies of the program. I decided to review my previous work of listing in which county, or city limit, people lived in, using the church's tools. (My last project on that of creating such a list involved using maps). There were several corrections that needed to be made on my end. Meanwhile, my companion was making copies in the library and had to use the restroom. Well, he left the car keys and church keys in the library and the door locked behind him. We decided to trek through Petersburg in order to get to our place in Colonial Heights. We figured we would get our keys later that night. Thankfully, my companion rectified the situation and somebody bailed us out. We tried seeing some people that day as well, but it did not work out. We did not have correlation either. Our ward mission leader was at work; the bishop asked us if we are having correlation. We told him no. The bishop, as far as I can tell, knows of the situation of correlation. 

Thursday, we finished making necessary corrections on the ward roster and then tried to see some people. It did not work out so well either. We had an appointment, which we took attended. As we were coming up, a person approached us. She had talked to missionaries before and wanted us to come by. Funny thing is, the street she lives on was a place we had been planning to tract. We are definitely going to tract that place when we can and hopefully, we will be able to stop by to see her. 

Friday, we did weekly planning. I was trying to stay focused and come up with ideas to help this area. My companion was distracted. Planning took a bit longer than normal, but whatever works. We went to bed early that night, because we had to get up at 4 to make sure the font was going to be filled and warm. I fell asleep quickly until the phone went off. It took a while to fall back asleep. 

Saturday, we got up at four and did our business. We crashed at the Petersburg apartment and it took a lot longer getting up that morning. I got ready and it is about 7:40. It took a while for my companion to get around, only because he forgot a few things back at the other apartment. The baptism of our investigator went well. My companion gave a talk on baptism and I gave one on the Restoration. Everything was excellent. Afterwards, we enjoyed the celebration of Pioneer Day. By eleven, I was tired and by noon, I was done and a bit exhausted. After gaining some rest, we left the Petersburg Apartment and went to the office. The Petersburg apartment is going to be closed down soon and we found some things that we needed to do. That is going to be some work that I will get to do. We found a person who is less active who recently moved in. We introduced ourselves and got to know her history in the Church. It is another person we can work with. And then that night we received the calls. I am staying while my companion is leaving. 

Sunday, I had been talking to the new elders quorum president. This Saturday, we are going to triple splits to meet less actives in the ward. I also talked about aiding in home teaching. I did that in the hopes of eventually establishing exchanges when we have people in our investigator pool. A new ward missionary has been called and he is male and can drive. I am excited for that. That means an ease on miles and a third male. 

This past transfer I have been trying to organize this area, because there was a lot to organize and a lot of things that needed to be done. Necessary procedures were done. I have been working around my companion, because, as much as I like him, it is hard to push him to do things. He is willing to work, though. I am excited, because there is a chance that this area now has begun to go forward. I mean, we now have different less actives to work with, a new potential, and future plans that will be meted out. I am hoping that this new companion will be the aid that I need. It has been a bit frustrating at times, because things do not work out. Then I read Doctrine and Covenants 84:40, "And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, 
shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint;and hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst." That for me was a big realization that I have been at least trying to do the right things. We have been blessed in different ways this past transfer.

All is well!


Elder S. Todd

P.S. Say hello to Grandma for me! It would be cool to write down her stories.