Who Attaches an iPad to a Wall?

August 4, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

This is very difficult. Due to unforeseen events, I have to use an iPad the library and it is very difficult when they mount the darn thing to type. Already my wrists are tired and the "a" key is difficult to press. If there are typos, then I blame the library for the genius of mounting this device, making me use at least one finger at a time.

It sounds like things are looking up on your end. I would say more, but obvious frustrations as explained.

I have been in a bad mood all week. Well, nearly. And if you remember three weeks ago when I overworked my body, well, I think things have gone a little worse. My lower left back area has grown in pain, so I think I strained it. The pain is not numbing and it is progressing downward. As much as I want to avoid the doctor, I am going to call the mission medical officer to discuss this pain of which I have been having.

Monday, Elder Avison took a while to pack. Then, some nearby missionaries needed some help with their member and moving. We thought we could help, but dinner took a lot longer than previously thought. We were reaching the end of our time of which we thought we could help, so we cancelled on them. Due to miscommunication on their end, it turned into a big mess. A bit frustrating.

Tuesday, the day of transfers. Elder Avison essentially switched with my new companion for my new companion came from a ward above us. He is Elder Young. He has a big medical history, so he has frequent doctor appointments that I, as driver, have to drive him to for attention. I replaced him in Powhatan. In some ways, I can get along. We know the same people. Others, I have been slightly annoyed. He claimed the apartment was dirty, when in reality it just needed a few things tidied. He rearranged a lot of things and in some ways, he put himself in charge. In a lesson, he did the entire thing and I only spoke when he did not know something. I understand that he wants to help, but, as I have talked to him about, I would love to speak and I know what needs to be worked. He has some good ideas and I am trying to remain positive. He is a bit rigid, so I added some fun quotes from Avatar and Fringe above the coffee table/my desk. (I wish I could remember more from other shows that I liked, such as Avatar: Last Airbender and Korra, and Sherlock, etc., but alas I cannot.) On the plus side, he likes Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

We received a phone call that day from the one lady who is slightly crazy and trying to find her way back to Idaho after escaping from her husband and such. Somehow, and I do not know how, found a pregnant woman who is helping her. Don't ask.

Wednesday, we helped someone move with the person who we get rides from for transfers. In exchange for a ride to transfers, we help with a move. Every ride comes with a price. 

Thursday, we taught the pregnant woman that is lodging with the Idaho woman the Restoration. She is trying to get into a better situation.  She was open to learn. From there, we "moved" out of Petersburg. The Petersburg apartment is officially moved. But, oh my. There was so much damage to the place that I did not even realize. And so much junk. It was a wreck. Elder Medsker was ticked. It was awful. So, on Friday, we did some housework. I worked on the kitchen with organizing our new found food from the Petersburg apartment. We now have a bakery, because we have all sorts of flour and sugar and corn syrup.  I found imitation rum extract. I cleaned out our fridge and found dill relish from 2004.

Saturday, we had a zone meeting. Then, we had our splits afterwards. It was a success. Remind me to tell you about it next week. 

Sunday, the nearby missionaries asked for help again with a move and we got conjured in. Glad to help.

I am honestly tired of typing and I feel like I am running out of time. He has a doctor's appointment today. 

All is well and will be well!


Elder S. Todd

P.S.  I wrote quotes on my wall. I do not look at them too often. Just when I am in a bad mood, because they make me laugh. I did this sort of thing in Powhatan as well along with spiritual quotes.