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As missionaries of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we do not usually get to pick where we go or who we are assigned to as a companion (unless, of course, your married then you remain with your spouse). Therefore, chances are you may struggle with getting along with someone you don't know. Now to some it may seem easy. You both believe you are serving God and that God is love. However, the reality is your personality or your way of doing things doesn't always match up. Some may take different approaches to sharing the gospel. Some have habits that are annoying. As Seth's father I can attest to having a companionship where neither one of us liked the other. Later on, under new mission leadership we were reassigned as companions, again. This time, this guy I couldn't stand, changed my life because I thought I wasn't good enough for college. He said I was and he was right as I later graduated with honors.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

My moods have fluctuated this past week and I am just managing with my companion. In some ways, we are in a standstill and other ways we can function. I was able to talk during a recent lesson that we had, so some progress. In other ways, I noticed that I get extremely sad and quiet when in big crowds. Well, as I figure, I was happy, trying to talk and learning to talk. Now, I honestly feel that opportunity has passed. I am trying to figure out what to say to my companion. We have some differing opinions. Like recently, should we push an appointment back for a meeting or not? We already said no to the meeting, so the district leader put it on another day during a time when we had an appointment scheduled with a less active. I am opting to go to the appointment while my companion on the other hand wants to keep the meeting and push the appointment back. I figure people are more appointment than some meeting. I am just going to have to bite my tongue and let that happen.

I honestly hate to complain. I had plans not to, but when that upset me, I just need to vent a bit. I hate it though.

Yes, I got my medicine. I am pretty sure that the Allertec will last more than three months as it should cover 365 days, plus or minus a few pills. 

I called the mission medical officer, because that is what I figured I should do (after injuring my back). Well, I have to take ibuprofen three times a day and ice my back at the same time. Then, Wednesday, I have to call her again and then I will have to do exercises to strengthen my back.

My days are up and down. Like I said, my moods fluctuate during the day, just depending on what happens. Monday, he had a doctor's appointment, so I got to drive past Richmond. Well, we got lost on the way. He could not use the maps to well, so he opted to call this service that tells us lots of information, such as weather and directions. It ended up that he got upset over it. I mean we were in Henrico, VA, which he was telling the service and it asked, "Do you mean Henrico, North Carolina?" I just looked at the maps and was able to go where we needed to. Well, I planned on reading a few Ensigns and just focus on that. Got into the waiting room and an old episode of Bones was on the television. Well, that made focusing a lot more hard. Later that night, we tried to find certain people and had some success.

Before I explain Tuesday, I must explain this one thing. We have 950 miles to use- it is what we are allotted- and I have been a little adventurous with our miles. I have been driving into the country, which is beautiful, but risky on miles. Tuesday, we went into Petersburg and then, got lost in Dinwiddie. Same thing as Monday happened with the maps and trying to find our way. As a result, on Wednesday, while I was working on the progress record, he bought a GPS. Again that day, we tried to find certain people, but in Chesterfield County. Then, we had correlation. We have an assistant ward mission leader now, which is great. We had an actual correlation with our ward mission leader. It was good.

Thursday, we again tried to find and see people. His GPS arrived and he fiddled with it, inputting the ward roster into it by hand. That took a while. Friday, same tactic with GPS. We talked to one of our potential investigators who still wants to talk to us. He wants to buy us dinner some time and likes us. Hopefully soon, we will be able to teach him. Saturday and Sunday, we did the same thing.

Now, I know that you are probably wondering why we are not finding. Well, he does not like to tract and I am not sure he is able to with some issues with his knees. (Plus, as he and the ward mission leader agree, it is ineffective.) As of right now, it is a painful process. He wants to organize, which is a bit hard for me. I feel like I have organized. He wants to make the work I did with the ward roster "cleaner."

I wrote a letter to you recently on one of my better moods. I plan on sending also a follow up letter, after more thought. It is about something that is honestly keeping me attached and sane. And my great news that I have is that I finished Doctrine and Covenants. I am so happy, because now I am able to study the Old Testament. That made me happy.

All is well and will be well.


Elder S. Todd 

(Okay now, if you read his letter you can see how troublesome life can be for a missionary.  a lot of energy is spent learning to deal or not to deal with the person assigned to you. And even though names have been mentioned in this blog no one should take it personal. This is how life sometimes, or even more often, can be as a missionary in any part of the world. And don't be fooled by the Broadway musical the Book of Mormon because you won't see these two dancing through Colonial Heights anytime soon.) 

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