Skype - Mother's Day 2015

Contact with home for missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints consists usually of an email home  once a week and a phone or video call home at Christmas and Mother's Day. Handwritten letters are okay as well. A missionary may email or write friends back home as well. Within the mission, a missionary is encouraged to write recent converts but if it is to the opposite sex permission is needed so that the mission president is aware of the situation. The missionary communicates this way to maintain focus on what he is doing and to avoid homesickness. Even when this is the case, some missionaries do vary in the amount of anxiety and some are released honorably to come home. The majority of the 80,000 plus missionaries and their families do just fine. Some parents have created support groups on Facebook. This is a big help to those who are not members of the church but have sons or daughters serving on missions.

#Virginia Richmond Mission

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