What We Do Matters

This is one of my favorite scriptures in preparation for serving a mission.

May 26, 2015

One of the many shows that I watched before my serving a mission-- and there is a point to this reference-- was a television show called Touch, which involved people around the world influencing the other, ending up in a giant help to the main characters of the show and the central problem. I believe it is based on string theory (Theory of Everything), but that is a theory that is quite unfamiliar to me other than the name. It is interesting to see how much the Lord uses us to influence for good or to be an aid in some way. Take, for example, Dan the Man and Moroni M. (The person who baptized Daniel, Moroni M. was recently located after years and miles of separation by Elder Todd and his parents.) That to me is quite touching to be used in a way to influence for good or to be an aid to help. In such a way, it is also an amazing effect that we, too, are changed by what we do for good or for bad.
Looking at things in an eternal perspective, we change ourselves day by day, coming closer to God or moving further away from Him. It is what we do with what the Lord has given us through His grace that matters.

--Elder Seth Todd, in a recent letter sent to his parents

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