Look Out Below, Here Comes a Couch!

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

Yes, I went back to that place without gloves and without a mask (see previous posts). Luckily, that house is definitely closed and it is in the hands of the bank as far as I know and care. 

I have yet to receive any letters (snail mail), so I guess I can expect some letters some time soon. That really does sound great. It sounds like missionary work is going well back in Lemoore. I am glad to hear that the missionaries are having fun with Dad. I am sure that brings up a lot of the old days back with Scouting. And oh yeah, there is a Facebook page for the Virginia Richmond Mission. I got an email about that a while back on a Friday and it totally spaced my mind. Elder Medsker is the housing coordinator here. He does an excellent job and is hilarious.

So, the way things went last week is that I emailed on Tuesday. Not much happened on Tuesday that is of note. We tracted some more and found a 14 year old kid. He had a great understanding and had an excellent prayer. We stopped by later on in the week and his family is moving. His family is okay with him meeting the missionaries as well. They are open. My companion was not too happy about the news of them moving, but we are so happy for those missionaries who will get to teach him.

On Wednesday, more tracting in the early morning, but then we helped somebody move. I did not to get to know the member that well for the six weeks I have been here. He is a really nice person. We had trouble with a couch, because of how they built the townhouse that he lived in. So, what ended up happening is that we got the couch outside onto the balcony, hung the couch over the balcony, and had the other two missionaries catch the couch to set it down. Miraculously, it worked. Also, that night, we ended up going early to an investigator's house, the chemo investigator. Good thing, because he likes to talk. He tries to apply it to himself and make it understandable. I followed what he was saying and it was good to see how much he does understand. But, it took us an hour and a half to discuss the Holy Ghost. Next step, prayer. Then, after him, we saw another investigator who we found through snow shoveling. It was great, mostly, because we quickly went over the Restoration. The bad part was that we could not discuss the Book of Mormon, prayer, and the Holy Ghost. Plus, due to a lack of time, we could not invite. We had a return missionary, who we are glad that came out with us, but we could not control. Luckily, we have another appointment to help straighten it all out and the people seemed interested in it all.

Thursday, we did some more tracting. We saw a less active who has been returning to church on his own. He has made several goals to return to church and go to the temple. Well, he has been returning to church and he went to the temple for baptisms. He plans on going for his endowment hopefully in March, but he has to take the temple preparation course. There is some help for him and we are helping him along the way. We saw another less active that day, but I do not remember much about it. Friday, we planned and had our correlation meeting. 

Saturday, we dropped by some less active members, especially one that we had been hoping to be working with some more. That one, she has been extremely busy and extremely tired. So we did more tracting and found another investigator. He seemed somewhat interested and we again briefly went over the Restoration (the last three main parts). And we invited. My companion made sure of it. Then, we had another investigator to go see. Well, I failed to mention last week that we technically got a new investigator, because we met with him twice before and then finally he set a return appointment. This time it did not work out, because he did not answer the door. His wife, who is a bit slower in mental capacity, asked us to come back next Saturday, so she could go to Wal-Mart. Rather than push the issue, I felt we should go try a less active. We did, we got food out of it, plus she said that she was coming back to church tomorrow. I was so happy, because we had no idea what to do for her. However, she did not attend yesterday. Back to square one. Later on that night, my companion popped his tire and we were far from home. Luckily, the Russian family took us home and we came home to realize that his tube had two big holes and lots of tiny holes. I am glad that it was not my bike since he hates to have to walk when my bike has had to be repaired.

Speaking of bikes, my bike is doing okay. It works and I am fine. Although, we tried to see some potentials and I missed my turn. So, I decided to do a U-Turn as I had done many times, even on sand and even on downward sloping hills. Not that day. Nope. Bike was not having it at all. It slipped right from under me and I think I slid, maybe a centimeter. Knee was a bit scraped. Nothing new. You think pants would survive such a careless slip. No. I have a small hole that is beyond my expertise to fix. I saw that.  I was like, "Oh no, it would have a hole!" And speaking of clothes, the new shirt fits. That is fine. I figure I should mention it so that you do not have to worry about whether it was the right size.

Sunday, not much happened besides church and eating and oh, meetings. While I and one of the other elders were in the meeting for ward council, the other biked in our area and tracted. My companion used one of their bikes and managed to get a flat tire. Luckily, that elder had a spare tube. We tracted from 7:45 at night to 8:45. Not too many people were happy with us, and his dad will suggest some other things to do instead) but at least we stayed productive. We really did not have anything else to do.

Doing some more work in other areas of life. Hate to be a bother, but I was wondering if it be possible if you could please find some back stretches for me. My back muscles have been tight, which murders my back. Other than that, I am totally healthy and happy and need not worry. I just need to stretch it out and it will be fine. I am really not in much pain. Happy and healthy. Not just saying cause 10 to 1, you will call the mission office, but it is true. 

Well, I am doing well. Sounds like life is good.

All is well.


Elder S. Todd

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