Muddy Waters, Fatty Pink, Red Light, Oh! No!

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March 10, 2014

Dear Parents, Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

This has been a slow week. Not much happened at all. We found two new investigators and are hoping all goes well there. Other than that, not much. Week summarized. Well, sort of. Other things of note, besides the meeting we had to attend, was the ordeal Saturday and the Sunday meal. 

So, Saturday. Yeah, it is warming up and everything is melting again. When things melt, it creates water, which creates mud and bogs. Saturday, we went up and down this one road filled with all of the water and mud. White shirt plus mud equals a dirty missionary. Luckily, not much happened that day. Also, on Saturday was the ward talent show. It was nice, lots of piano pieces.

The Sunday meal, I had corned beef, which I guess comes from brisket, whatever the brisket is. But, the meat was pink and tasted like ham. Which triggered two things in my head. One, I rediscovered why I do not like ham. It is the taste that sets in. It is horrid. But, I do bite my tongue on what is given. Two, the pink meat. Now, I remember a general conference long ago. It was not so much what the speakers said, but what we had for dinner. It was some pink meat stuff that I thought was not cooked and was full of fat. I remember there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth over eating this "uncooked" meat. Needless to say, we never had that meat ever again. Eating this corned beef, it being pink and fatty, reminded me of such event. Still do not like it at all. 

It was a long meeting; sometimes, I could not seem to focus. There are things that I got out of it that I feel like I can apply with the people here. Other than that, I was not having too much fun. I realized how much mental stimulation it takes to keep me focused. Other than that, it was not a bad meeting. And yes, we were pushed to read the material. I did so anyways before hand and now, I need results to figure out what works and does not. Slowly, it will be worked out and I
Lisa Lim on Google+
will be able to use the material in it. 

My speech this week is fine, thankfully. I have not had much problems other than some people not understanding me. That is life as usual. It will get better in this life or the resurrection. The resurrection is a guarantee.

I plan on mailing you two a letter soon. I will write a little sticky note about why I basically wrote this out. So, expect a letter some time. I guess it correlates with your quote. Maybe.

I am definitely trying to be safe out here. The night before the zone conference, there was an accident with the transfer van. In the van, was a district leader, Elder Medsker (the housing coordinator), and one of the zone leaders. They were exchanging back and Elder Medsker came up for the meeting. Well, the district leader's apartment was across the street from the zone leader's apartment. There is also a hill where the intersection is. Well, somebody was going up the hill and the light turned red on them. The van goes forward for the green light and it gets T-boned by the car that ran the red light. Luckily, everyone is okay, if not bruised or in major pain. The district leader did not have his seatbelt, only because he could not find it and he got thrashed a bit. The zone leader only hit his ribs, but he seems to be okay. Elder Medsker is in a lot of pain, did go to the hospital, but as far as I know, he is just in a lot of pain. Accidents happen. 

All is well.


Elder S. Todd

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