Dear Parents of Mine, known as Mom and Dad (also known as Mother and Father, etc.),

I wrote you a letter, but I have yet to send it and it will cover most of what I say here. I am enjoying the MTC. It is quite a spiritual experience. I am so glad to be here, though I do miss you guys. There are many things to do, which is a good thing as some others have pointed out. My companion, Elder Denning, is from Idaho and is good person. He is relatable, which if anything makes me relatable. It is not so much that I can relate to him with things that I like, but rather it is other things. We are going to soon teach an "investigator." There are many devotionals that are happening and so much that I am learning. The food here, in case you were wondering, is good (well, most of it). The room is small and the other two (besides my companion and I) are nice. I sleep on the top bunk and the best cold spot when it gets hot are the brick walls. I have yet to see Elder Hansen and I severely doubt that I will see him.  You can tell people that I love to discuss scriptures, because I know it may be hard for people to write letters and such. You should have my email now as seen by how you are getting this message. I will need people's email addresses in order to write to them. I am glad to be here, again. It is really nice. I will be leaving here on July 17, most likely. I know this is a short email, but I may be running out of time and I have been only gone for a day and a half. Be strong.


Elder S. Todd
Your Son

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