MTC- July 16 - Leaving Soon - An investigator - Protestors

Yeah, I can only e-mail on P-Days, which I forgot to say were Tuesdays. I am sending private messages to family and I will send a mass email to friends when I get the chance in Virginia. The laundry situation is going well here. I am using Mom's instructions and it is working out well. I am glad Dad is doing well and I hope that Sean will do well and that his surgery will go well. I cannot believe that I leave tomorrow. It is going so fast. As soon as I get to the airport and get through to the other side, I will call. The airplane leaves at 7, but I have to board 30 minutes early. That is why I will call as soon as I can, so expect a call, early in the morning. I will call Joy, Bria, and Sean (which I need Sean's number, which I will get from you when I call) and leave voicemails. I packed somewhat yesterday (I still have work to do) and everything seems to be fitting. Oh, by the way, I will be leaving with 29 others, but they all are not English speaking. Some are Mandarin Chinese, others Spanish, and who knows what else.

I have been learning to rely on the Spirit. It is always best to be prepared, but still rely on the Spirit and also to teach to people's needs. You have to make the gospel personal to them. One of our investigators was extremely difficult, but there was some change. Another one, our TRC, was an actual investigator. She was actually looking for the gospel. My companion and I were able to teach her one last time yesterday, which was nice, but also sad. I actually have been developing a Christlike love for people. I hope that the TRC investigator gets to progress. We gave her a KJV Bible (our bible) and the Book of Mormon. We also gave her a church's address. I really hope that she will keep with the lessons and that her family will also take the lessons. I am making sure that I keep in contact with her.
I saw Trevor Hansen and his email is He left this morning. I saw him at in-field orientation and neither of us had our cameras. That was unfortunate. But, at least I was able to see him one last time and that I will be able to keep in contact with him.
I am glad to hear that things are going well for you two. I do miss you guys. Last night, I had dream about Dad, doing something Dad would do, but I forgot what it was. I even shared some stories of Dad. 

Yeah, you will have to pick up where I left off. Doing the TV schedule checking (check often), etc. My poor dog. I am glad to hear that she is being taken care of and I knew that you guys will take care of her well.

I am sending pictures from the MTC and our trip. It will take awhile. It includes pictures of my district, my teachers, and some people from my zone. So, you will get blank emails that have pictures attached.
Oh and on our most recent temple walk, there were Jesus Crosses (people who are protesting the church). It is interesting to see these people protesting when they do not understand us. They pick on what is on the outside: our buildings, our prophets. But what is so forgotten is what our church is centered on. It is centered on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was much more than Joseph Smith, but it is restoring access to the Atonement. It is something that I had been taught and something that I just thought of.
Will be in contact,

Elder S. Todd

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