The MTC Experience - July 7

Hey, when you have the feeling that you should do something and you know it isn't instinct, it is best to listen to it. And thank you for confirming that I will be eating fish in Virginia. The Lord truly prepares us. I got to bear my testimony today in front of my zone. I had a heavy heart, which I knew was the Spirit telling to me say my testimony. It left after I bore my testimony. Things are going great here. We went on a walk today to the temple, which was weird. It was weird, because we left the gates of the MTC and it was like what do we do now. The temple is closed until August, so I will not be going anytime soon.

I get to do laundry on Tuesdays. So, it is alright. They have supplies that I have to buy. Which is fine, I have some money on me. I did buy the backpack and it works. There is much I have to carry here, so I have to use it. But, I believe that it will last me a long time. Everybody in my zone, except my teachers, knows that I have an AA (did I write this last time) degree in psychology (which by the way, has it arrived?), which they are impressed. Even my branch president is impressed. Oh, and he saw my scriptures today and said that I could probably cut down a tree with how many tabs I have. I am just glad that there is so much here, especially from my district and companion, Elder Denning. There is so much to look forward to here.

Well, I looked at the time and I noticed it is probably nap time for you two. So, I hope you enjoyed your nap. Glad to hear my dog is happy, somewhat. Oh, also on July 4th, we watched 17 Miracles, which helped a lot. I am so glad I got to watch that film. I am striving to have faith in every footstep and have a pioneer's attitude.

Love you,

Elder S. Todd 

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