Mission Training Center-July 6th

Dear Parents,

I loved the thunderstorm. Yesterday, there were two. I was so excited to see them, because I was in the computer labs when one of them happened. Watching fireworks was okay here, because we had to stay behind a wall and there are trees everywhere. Along the fence. I did get some pictures of the fireworks and the crowd, but the firework pictures were just to test out my camera. I strongly dislike the breakfast here. You see the pancakes are dry, the waffles are dry. But there are some good breakfast foods such as cereal and bagels that are available. You should be happy to know that I was impressed to eat fish. I do not know why, but I felt like I should eat fish today (which was a lunch option today). Maybe I should be worried that I will be eating fish in the mission field. Of course, I kid. For exercise, I can go to the gym with my companion and do stuff there. We can do our personal exercise or we can go to the weight center. The shower situation is fine, it is whatever. I really am not worried about it and I know everything is well. So, it is whatever.

Well maybe now I can create a new paragraph so you can read this better. I have heard the rumor that I will be leaving the MTC to go to the airport at 3:30 in the morning. Depending on when I leave to Richmond on the plane, I might call you guys. The keyword here is might. If it is way too early in the morning where it is the crack of dawn, I might call you for sure. I do not know really. That is far away. So, we will see. 

I love my district. They are so great. I mentioned the fact that I have an AA degree in psychology and they are impressed. They keep on joking with me about it. And then, my scriptures. The first day here, I gave no thought to my colorful scriptures until later on when I was sitting with my companion. I was wondering what he was going to think. Well, everybody is impressed with my scriptures (those that have seen it), even my teachers. Some joke that I know the scriptures really, really well and I am like, uh, no.

My companion and I are teaching an investigator here. It is not reallly an investigator, but it is made to feel that way. That is something that I keep in mind. It is one of my teachers, who refers to our investigator as a seperate entity, which the world mind of me thinks it sounds like split personalities when he talks as if he is not that person. I am enjoying my companion. He is a wonderful person and I enjoy having him as a companion. He is a good teacher and talker. My other roommates that I have are interesting as well. They are interesting to talk to.

Well, I am glad to hear from you. I am just glad to email you all my experiences, because it is just so great to share it. I miss you guys and I hope that my dog is being well take care of. I love you guys and I appreciate your support. So, glad to hear that you guys had a good time. By the way, remind me not to say guys. I need to avoid that here in the MTC and I do not think that an email filled with "guys" is a good support. Anyways, I ramble. Love you parents.

Love and miss you,

Elder S. Todd

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