Fredericksburg, VA July 29, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

This week has been wonderful. I gave a lot of service this past week. I mowed yards a lot, which is quite interesting. Here in Virginia, lawns go uphill, which is why it is so interesting. It is like pushing a handcart at times. You can try to go up the hill to down the hill, but the lawn mower likes to go its own direction when on a slope. There is one place where I did have to do a hill and it looked bad. It looked even worse, because I did not get to finish. What prevented me was being stung by a wasp, which do not fret, I am fine and alive. I was mowing the lawn, saw the wasp land on me, it stung me, and I was like, "Gee, ouch, ouch? My leg does hurt." It was interesting moment for me. I plan on getting more of those bug repellant clips to ward off the creepy crawlies that abundantly live here. 

We had a potential investigator cancel on us completely, but we were able to find more by tracting. All is well. One of our investigators appears to be progressing and I was able to ask him to be baptized. He said no, but I think eventually he will. 

The weather has been hot. I am being honest about not noticing the humidity. Maybe after it rains, but I do not notice it. We had a few rain storms, which are awesome. They last for a short time, but it does pour and there is lightning and thunder. It is amazing. 

My companion and I visited some less actives and there were a few okay visits. All is well though. We visited many of the members so that we can gain referrals. Some members are interesting. Most will feed us on the day that we stop by if we do not have dinner plans. They are so willing to do so and it is quite amazing. I feel bad to say yes, but it is better to say yes than to starve. They do not mind at all. Though there is one member family who we cannot do that anymore, because the wife of the family will go out and buy more food. And they do not need that food either. I was helping put stuff away and the refrigerator and the freezer were already stuffed with already purchased food. It is insane, but that family, specifically the wife, are quite interesting. Some members like to talk a lot and it makes for an easier time. The bishop (pastor) here is truly an inspired man and I do appreciate him. We had dinner at his house last night and he had some of his 13 kids over with their own children. So, that pretty much sums up my week. Service and talking.

Do not worry about shipping me pants or anything of that sort or shipping me things. I plan on buying pants quite soon and it is no problem in doing so. I have enough as of now. My address is what is. It is a bit odd, I agree, but it is 203 Excaliber Circle, Apartment #203, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. We are not even in a circle, but it is called thus. 

Information on packages. If you ship anything to the mission office, I think they ship it to me or hold it, I am not entirely sure. I do not know any members that will hold packages, so I do not know much about that. I will probably have to ask somebody if they can hold a package and then report back to you on P-Day before shipping. I really do not know. I have not looked at Walgreens, because the last time I was here emailing, I took forever for whatever reason, so I did not have time to do anything extra. The next time I was at a computer, I had to do a weekly progress record. Next time I am at a computer or if I have extra time, I will look at Walgreens to see how it all works, because I need to understand how it works before I jump on ship and use it. 

Thank you for the blog. I appreciate that a lot and it will be a useful tool to use. I did meet a few Catholics who were set in their ways, though there was one that was surprised that we were offering work we could do for her. We may help her to move. One of our potential investigators, who we do service for, is set on his ways, but next time, we will teach him a lot better than we did. Last time, he was adamant on his ways of how the world is going to pot and the angel Gabriel is coming to destroy the wicked. It was an interesting time with him to say the least.

About shows: save, sure I do not mind. I have not really thought about shows much while I am here. (Seth had a few favorite shows that we are going to save for him. They will be there when he gets back. It would be like buying a DVD set of a season of a certain show. Whether or not he'll have time to watch them when he gets back is another story.)

Thank you for doing so. Sorry to hear that Mom has a cold. I hope she gets better. Thanks for the pictures. I get to finally see what I worked so hard for and I love the quote. It is an excellent quote. Glad to hear how others are doing. Glad Leo is finally getting things done (Eagle Scout Court of Honor) and that Connor is trying to get things done (working on his Eagle Scout project).. Hope things go well for them. Also, glad to hear that Trevor (friend, serving a mission in Indiana) is doing good. I hope that he has much success. Thank you for the updates.

All is well,


Elder S. Todd

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