First Monday to Email Home - July 22 - From Fredericksburg, VA

Dear Mom and Dad/Dad and Mom,

Happy P-Day, parents kind and dear! So, do you have index cards of where in Virginia I could be? No? Well, that is fine. The place is here: Fredericksburg, VA. So, I am in a pretty nice location. I live on 203 Excaliber Circle, Apartment #203, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. 

This is a new area, because it once belonged to the D.C South Mission. In fact, my trainer/companion, Elder Meibos (pronounced My-bus), was assigned to the D.C. South Mission, but he is now here. I am getting along great with my companion. We have a lot in common, which is quite amazing and makes it a lot easier to get along. For example, he knows and has played the game Myst. It is amazing to have a fellow nerd like me. He looks a bit odd, but he is wonderful guy. 

My interview with the mission president was short, because he had so many people to visit and he took up most of his time with the sisters. Sister Reeves, the correspondence lady, called me Doctor Todd and when she called me that, I was like, "Oh no! How does she know!" She told me, so, yes, I know that you told people.(I am Seth's Dad and I sent the mission office a YouTube video of Seth called "Doctor Seth Todd." It's a comedy of sorts done for school. If he can tell stories about his dad then so can I.)

I know to get my haircut and eventually, I will be asking, because my hair is eh. My bike.... Well.... I am not using it. Right now, it is collecting dust, because I am living outside of the ward boundaries of my area due to no apartments in the area that I am supposed to be in. It is confusing, I know. So, I am in a car, traveling around to people. I have gone tracting down a road, but to no avail. Though I did talk to a devout Catholic, who did not care to what we said. But all will be well and all is well. It is such a beautiful area here in Fredericksburg. SO much green. It is all spaced out. We did have a storm, sort of. When I got here, it rained for 15 minutes. Yesterday, it rained for thirty minutes with lightning and it is beautiful lightning. Saturday, there was an amazing storm far away from us. It was amazing. The weather is humid, but the humidity, I honestly do not notice or feel it. It feels like I have California heat all over again. I was trying to escape it. The only time I did feel the humidity was when I came out of the airport. I am pretty sure that my pants all of a sudden stuck to my body. I think my brain thought I just entered into a swimming pool. When I woke up this morning, it was foggy and I thought it was winter time. It was much of a reminder of our winter back at home.

You are asking a lot of questions and I constantly going back and forth to try to see them all. But it is all right. We have been trying to see investigators and less actives, but nothing has happened. We will teach somebody tonight. I think my companion will let me teach tonight. Pretty excited about that! And yes, you do have to word things differently, especially when it comes to the Great Apostasy. ("But, Peter was the first Pope," etc.) 

It appears that I will be doing a lot of service here, which will be yard work. I had to borrow pants for a recent service opportunity I had for an Eagle Project for this kid. So, I hate to say it, but can you please send me some work pants? I am in desperate needs. It is probably a good thing that I wear pants, because when I went to change into my proselyting clothes, there were two "friends," also known as ticks, on my garments. It was quite wonderful to meet the tick. I saw other bugs, too. The robber fly and ugly black bug. It is quite wonderful, with a side of sarcasm.

My flight was wonderful. I fell asleep for an hour on both planes. It sucked the first time, because the lady next to me was watching television. I thought I would be asleep for the entire plane ride, but not so. I wished I had decided to take my scriptures with me. She watched Bones at the end, I was like, "You got to be kidding me! I must look away!" (missionaries are not allowed to watch TV or go to the movies to avoid distractions) Georgia was beautiful from the sky. It looked flat and green. When I saw Virginia for the first time, I saw the green and I was like, "Where is the brown?" It is so green and so filled with life, that I thought of how brown California was. Then, I thought to myself, "There is definitely life here!" I know this is out of sequential order, but there is much to say. The first night in Virginia, everyone got to eat with each other and the food was real. Now, the MTC was delicious and all, but I could have sworn they had wax vegetables and boxed mash potatoes. The food is amazing here and real. They did a little orientation, I went with my MTC companion and other friends to an empty apartment to sleep and the next day, I was sent to Fredericksburg, Virginia to serve in the ward of White Oak. 

The Family History thing is great. They teach that at the MTC.

I know Kevin Tucker pays well, but I was surprised to hear that she got another dog (you did say something about that, right?). I am sorry that people, especially family, are getting sick. Oh, that reminds me I did my first blessing yesterday. It went okay, but it was my first time. It is amazing. I am learning so much here. 

I am glad my dog has a buddy to keep her busy. (We've been pet sitting for a friend with her dog at our house.)

There is only one building for one stake and there are many wards that go to it. My ward starts at one, but there are things that I have to do before hand. It is a Lemoore sized-ward, sort of, and the bishop (pastor) is a wonderful man. The same goes with the Stake President (a person over several congregations in an area), who, during a priesthood leadership meeting, issued the challenge to visit a less-active that you do not know within a month and tell them that you want them to come back to church. Which also reminds me, we are using the members quite a bit, so the members are quite helpful. Many of the people are nice here and quite friendly. My companion and I shouldn't go to this one family's house on Sundays to eat, because she will go out and buy food. Now, let me tell you, she has enough food in her refrigerator to last two months. I was helping put away the food and the refrigerator was completely full along with the freezer. But, she is a wonderful lady and her family is quite nice. There are so many nice people here.

It is so wonderful here. I am trying to explain these past few days as much as I possibly can. I did not call my siblings at the airport, because I had insufficient funds to call them (according to the card that said I had 306 minutes), so I apologized to them. All is well.

All is well,


Elder S. Todd

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