Oops! Only Can Email One Day a Week - July 9

Hey, it turns out I can only email on preparation days. It was kind of sad to know that. But, it is good to hear from you guys and thank you for spreading my email around. I really appreciate it. I am really glad to hear that my dog is being taken care of. Yeah, I had a feeling it (my college diploma) had never arrived. Thanks for the update on that. With the airplane ride and such, I believe everything will fit. Also, I have to arrive to the MTC Travel Center at 3:30 in the morning. So, whenever I will get to the airport, I will call. It will be a sweet good morning call to you guys, though you may fall asleep while I talk. I leave her to go to Atlanta and have an hour or so there, but you never know, which is why I will call in the morning. Everybody has complimented me with my testimony and my companion believes that my testimony hits home for our investigators. Elder Denning is an excellent teacher at the doctrine, which teaching the doctrine is a bit hard for me, because I want to just teach. So, I am learning. We had an amazing experience with our investigators yesterday. We got a new one and she was into it and opened up. Our other one, the teacher investigator, committed to being baptized and praying and reading the Book of Mormon, but we still need him to open up. I am glad to hear about Dad bearing his testimony and sorry about the ants (ants were found my parents bed, they slept in the family room). I will mail you a letter next Monday, because I want to tell you what I have learned and how I have changed. I hope to talk to you soon.
Love you,
Elder S. Todd

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